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- A Drop of Life -

A rapidly developed prototype made in around three weeks.

Play as a droplet of water, shape shifting through the various states of matter to explore the environment and water the dying flowers.

Play the Game

My Roles

Core Gameplay Programming

  • Responsible for the creation of the state-swapping system.

    • Utilizes multiple design patterns, most notably the state pattern and observer pattern.

    • Scriptable Objects used as data containers to easily swap / modify a state's functionality.

  • Character motor system utilizing Scriptable Objects as data containers.

  • Interaction system using the Strategy pattern to create modular and extendable interactables.


  • Details the various design patterns and principles used to aid the budding programmers on the team and to encourage best practices.


Design Briefs

For a full list of documents, forms, assets, etc., please click here.

Kyle Grenier

Immersive Technology and Game Developer

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