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- Out Of Service -

Out of Service is a rapidly developed prototype made in around three weeks.

Inspired by 90s-themed FMV games such as "Her Story" and "Night Trap",

Out of Service is a FMV game where you are in charge of helping the protagonists find a working laundry machine - one that isn't out of service!


Control the fates of a cast of wacky characters through a series of unorthodox encounters. 

You call the shots as you lead the characters on a quest in search of a working laundry machine while exploring the never-before-seen side of the Saint James apartment complex.

Play the Game

Praise for Out Of Service

Free Game Planet

"Out of Service is a wonderfully silly and knowingly cheesy 90’s styled FMV adventure where things get very weird as you and your mildly psychotic friend set out to do some laundry."

Fan-made Walkthrough

- Z9GN via YouTube




Twitch Playthrough

- JessPlayin via Twitch

YouTube Playthrough

- Ya Pal Korin via YouTube

My Roles

Tools Programming

  • Custom-made tools to streamline the FMV creation process in Unity.

  • Based around Scriptable Objects to simplify scenario creation.

  • Custom Unity editor using Odin - Inspector and Serializer plugin.

  • Documentation to help teammates use tools.

  • Inventory system to keep track of items the player picks up throughout their game.

Scripts are located here.

FMV Maker Tools Documentation

For a full list of documents, forms, assets, etc., please click here.

Kyle Grenier

Immersive Technology and Game Developer

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