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- Shattered Shards -

Shattered Shards is a rapidly developed prototype made in around three weeks. Explore an eerie, distorted, abandoned Catholic school for notes left by previous captives to figure out what happened and how you'll get out. Keep your eyes peeled for the monster lurking the halls.

Video Overview

My Roles

Core Gameplay Programming

  • First person character controller

  • Interaction system utilizing the strategy pattern
  • Note collection and journal system
  • Mirror teleportation system
  • Custom-made event system to trigger jump scares.

Technical Art

  • Utilized Unity's HDRP volumes to create volumetric fog that varies between environments.

  • Dust particles in the air using Unity Shader Graph.

Design Briefs

Final Changes

For a full list of documents, forms, assets, etc., please click here.

Kyle Grenier

Immersive Technology and Game Developer

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