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- Speedrun Shopping -

Speedrun Shopping is a frantic, fast-paced shopping simulator. Sprint around the shopping center in search of the items on your shopping list, and ram into other shoppers to make them drop their items so you can steal them for yourself. Once you have all of the items you need, check out and compete for a faster time. Speed is the name of the game!

Created for CIS 497 - Unity Design Patterns with the theme 'comedy' to practice implementing design patterns into larger projects with a team.

Play the Game

My Roles

​Project Lead /  Producer

Programming Lead

Core Gameplay Programming

  • Responsible for the enemy AI.

    • Founded on the state pattern

  • Interaction system

  • Shopping list behavior

  • Core gameplay loop


  • Sprint planning

  • Multiple UML diagrams modelling design pattern incorporation.

Design Documents

PostMortem Presentation

For a full list of documents, forms, assets, etc., please click here.

Kyle Grenier

Immersive Technology and Game Developer

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